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What is John D blend?

John D Blend is a brand of cigarette that is manufactured by JDB limited. John D Blend cigarettes are marketed as a premium product in malaysia and it costs around rm10 per pack or rm75 per carton. John D Blend has also received many awards by the ministry of health in country including the “supreme excellence award”.

JDB was a norwegian who settled in malaysia to start his own business where he also created John D Blend cigarettes brand back when JDB limited first started.

John D Blend actually have 3 variants which are john d smooth, john d gold and john d special reserve.
john d smooth has 12 mg tar while john d gold has 14 mg tar and john d special reserve has 18 mg tar. all three variants only have 1.2mg nicotine.

Client Review

A John D Blend review will tell you the same thing about this cigar, but let me go into a little more detail. This isn’t just your average cheap smoke. You see, John D Blend uses only choice filler tobacco to get that full flavor in each puff of their stogies without having to pay extra for things like fancy labels or bands. They do add an attractive looking light brown wrapper with gold lettering, but they are not trying to get your business based on looks. They know their cigars are as tasty as they come and it’s the flavor that John D Blend is betting you’ll love.

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About John D Blend

John D Blend is considered as a medium strength cigarette with 16mg tar and 1.2mg nicotine. the quality offered by John D Blend cigarette made John D Blend Cigarette a very sought after brand.

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How do smokers call John D Blend?

Smokers ofter call it as John D Blend, Dblend, John D-Blend, John D’Blend,JDB and Cigarette John.

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How many packs are in a carton of John d Blend?

1 carton is 10 packs.


How many cigarettes are in a pack of John d Blend?

There are 20, 25 or 30’s.


What size are John D Blend cigarettes?

John D Blend cigarettes come in what sizes:  100mm or 120mm.


What are the John D Blend flavors?

John D Blend comes in what flavors:  menthol, filtered and unfiltered.


What are the ingredients of John D Blend cigarettes?

The ingredients of John D Blend cigarettes are:  tobacco, water, plant fibers, minerals, natural & artificial flavors and glycerol.

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What is the material of John D Blend cigarettes?

The material of John D blend cigarettes are:  paper, tobacco and cellulose acetate.

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How much nicotine does an ingredients in a cigarette?

Each ingredient in a cigarette contains 0.5 to 3.5 milligrams of nicotine.

What's so special about John D Blend?

John D Blend is a surprisingly good cigarette. The first thing that hits you when you try this smoke is the great taste, then it’s the very reasonable price tag. These cigars are only $0.1 per stick and I’ve smoked many that cost much more and weren’t nearly as tasty as these.

Some people say John D Blend is so good because it has been around for so long, but I disagree. The name John D Blend was first used in 1844 and stayed with a family member all this time, but this cigarette really shoots out of the park now with its smooth taste that just won’t quit even down to the nub. If you’re looking for a cigar that will wake up your taste buds then John D Blend should be at the top of your list!

How Many of John D Blend Cigarette Stocks?

John D Blend Cigarette Stocks Manufactured in Malaysia, John D Blend was introduced in 1996. To date, John D Blend has a huge stock with more than two billion per year to ensure that there are enough stocks available for each smoker who prefers John D Blend. John D Blend Cigarettes In Malaysia.

What is the preferred cigarette brand in Malaysia?

If you are looking for types of malaysia best cigarettes, John D Blend will be your best choice, which is very popular in Malaysia because it provides better quality compared with other brands such as Dunhill. John D Blend cigarette stocks have more than two billion per year or more so that there are enough stocks available for each smoker who prefers John D Blend. For those of you who want to try John D Blend cigarettes now can buy John D Blend cigarettes at all tobacconist shops throughout the country. John D Blend also offers a good price for smokers who really love John D Blend cigarettes.

John D Blend vs Dunhill

Dunhill is the world famous brand for cigarettes and John D Blend is very popular in Malaysia.  One of the reasons John D Blend cigarette is most preferred by smokers, both men and women, whether heavy or light smokers, John D Blend satisfies everyone’s needs.

Malaysian society loves John D Blend because it provides good quality at a lower price compared to other brands such as dunhill. Price reasonable John D Blend made John D Blend even more popular in Malaysia because everyone can afford it, and now most Malaysian smokers prefer John D Blend to any other brands.

Malaysia was a nation of smokers spread across the country, both young and old alike choose John D Blend as their favorite brand for smoking because John D Blend cigarette has a unique taste and smell. For those of you who want to try John D Blend cigarette, John D Blend is available at all tobacconist shops throughout the country. In addition John D Blend also offers a good price for smokers who really love John D Blend cigarettes.

Does John D Blend have side effects?

One of the main reasons John D Blend is so popular is that John D Blend cigarette does not cause harmful side effects to smokers who smoke this brand of cigarettes.  In addition, John D Blendcigarette also provides a fresh taste and pleasant smell when smoked, which makes many Malaysian smokers prefer John D Blend above all other cigarettes.

Is John D blend Healthy?

John D Blend is not healthy because it contains chemicals that cause cancer, heart disease and other health problems. An ingredients in a cigarette releases more carbon dioxide than would be released by a car.

John D Blend cigarettes have been around for a long time now. John D Blend Cigarettes are manufactured by the JDB Limited, which is based in Pennsylvania. John D Blend is one of the brands that JDB offers, and it’s popular throughout Asean. Some people who smoke John D Blend claim that they do so because it’s “healthier” than other cigarette brands. But is John D Blend healthy?

The answer to this question would be: no, John D Blend is not healthy at all. Cigarette manufacturers want their customers to believe this lie, but the truth is John D Blend contains tobacco like any other brand out there. The difference between John D Blend Cigarettes and others lies in the ingredients used during the manufacturing process. John D Blend uses Oriental, Turkish, and Macedonian tobaccos in their cigarettes. JDB claims that this mixture is healthier for smokers due to the presence of same nicotine and less carcinogenic substances than other brands.

John D Blend’s marketing strategy is Cigarettes as “premium” quality, which makes customers believe that they are consuming something better than most cigarettes on the market today. Unfortunately, John D Blend contains just as much harmful substances a regular cigarette would contain. These include carbon monoxide that causes severe damage to one’s cardiovascular system , leading to heart attacks or stroke; hydrogen cyanide, which causes respiratory problems such as lung cancer; formaldehyde

Where to buy John D Blend?

John D Blend is famous cigarette in malaysia. John D Blend can be purchase online and it is also available in local store if you would like to purchase John D Blend locally. If you are looking for John D Blend coupon code, you can find many of them on the internet. John D Blend cigarettes are sold at the price range from RM 70-RM 85 per canton. Here I list out two good place where you can get John D Blend Cigarette:

  1. You can search John D Blend Online . Almost all websites have a discount coupons or promotion code that will help to reduce its price to give its customer a better value.

  2. You can visit their Customer Service to place order by online.